DK Ingredients is a Chicago, IL, based chemical procurement company specializing in food additives, nutritional supplements, and other premium vitamins and preservatives. DK Ingredients strength is our ability to source quality ingredients from around the world and deliver them to you in timely fashion at a competitive price. We level the playing field and enable you to compete with your largest competitors. We are your “overseas office”.

Our primary focus for sourcing ingredients is Asia. DK Ingredients cultivates and maintains excellent relationships with Asian manufacturers, ensuring a stable supply of product, timely deliveries, and consistent quality. We do source from other countries as well and are nimble to provide a total solution package for our customers.

Let us sweat the small stuff. DK Ingredients is experienced at customs regulations, logistics and transport, and meeting industry standards. We are lean, efficient, and flexible, and provide outstanding after sales service. When an unforeseen problem occurs, DK Ingredients offers creative solutions, working together with you to get it resolved.

For U.S. customers, timely delivery is possible because DK Ingredients keeps stock in several warehouses strategically located across the United States. We value our global customers just as much, and have experience with Latin American and European customers. DK Ingredients worldwide connections ensure both familiarity with your particular market, and the power to find quality ingredients at competitive pricing.